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Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, September 2024 

Robust Hand Gesture Recognition Using HOG Features and machine learning

Pages 226-233

Usama Sayed; Samy Bakheet; Mahmoud A. Mofaddel; Zenab El-Zohry

Study of Some Physiсal Parameters of Se85-xSnxTe15 Chalсogenide Glasses

Pages 241-245

Amany G. Abdeen; M. M. Abd El-Raheem; A. M. Ahmed; H. F. Mohamed

Antimicrobial Efficacy Mediated by Mycogenic and Characterized Selenium Nanoparticles

Pages 255-260

Nourhan H. Khalaf; Abdallah M.A. Hassane; Bahig A. El-Deeb; Nageh F. Abo-Dahab

The Influence of Salinity on Plant Growth and Amendment Strategies

Pages 261-267

Fatima A. Al Otaibi; Sameera A. Alghamdi; Kamal A. M. Abo-Elyousr

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Sohag University, Faculty of Science

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